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Legal nature of Company's activity

Bitnextrade Limited has all the necessary documents and certificates permitting legal trading activities within the framework of the current legislation.

Tried and true trading strategies

We have developed and implemented unique strategies for conducting trading operations on cryptocurrency and stock exchanges. We always make a full technical and fundamental analysis before every major trade.

Personal data protection

All your personal information as well as transaction history is under reliable protection. Each User has the opportunity to protect themselves as much as possible in the account settings.

Team of professionals

We pay special attention to personnel recruitment and formation of a professional team. Each specialist is carefully chosen, trained and prepared for further work in the team.

Stable profits and no risks

We fully adhere to the concept of risk diversification and can guarantee a stable income for each partner of the Company.

5X Trade Leverage Profit
Minimum Deposit 300$
Maximum Deposit 100,000$

Deposit Is Included In Your profit

Instant Withdrawals

Accruals - Every Hour

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Hourly profit 171 USD
Net profit 5.7 USD
Total profit 71 USD

About us

About Bitnextrade LTD.

We are happy to welcome you at Bitnextrade Limited website! We are a company with many years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. By entrusting us with your monetary assets, you have the opportunity to receive guaranteed profits without being directly involved in trading.

Bitnextrade Limited is a recently incorporated and actively developing company, the main field of activity of which is trading on cryptocurrency and stock exchanges. We have amalgamated into a single-minded team by uniting experienced traders, analysts and programmers with the ultimate goal of automating and adapting existing algorithms and developments for the crypto market.

Bitnextrade Limited has all the necessary documents and certificates permitting legal trading activities within the framework of the current legislation. The company is officially registered in the UK under the number 13215263.


71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

Officially registered company:

Direction of activity

Lines of business activities

Exchange trade
One of the company's line of activities is exchange trade in Forex and other markets.
Cryptocurrency trade
Trade on cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Binance, Coinbase and many others.
Investment in DeFi Tokens
Investing in cryptocurrency from the decentralized finances sphere is a new way of making money on decentralized cryptocurrencies, which are experiencing active growth and development.

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Open your personal account

To open an account you need to undergo a simple usual registration procedure at the website of our Company.

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Enter your personal account and make a deposit at the "Create your deposit" page. You can create an unlimited number of deposits.

Get a profit

Immediately after activating the deposit, you will begin to receive a guaranteed daily profit. You have the opportunity to reinvest or withdraw the profit made.

Withdraw funds

You can withdraw all profit obtained from both investments and active partners instantly without commissions at any time.

For Partners

Referral program

5% 2% 1%

We offer an affiliate program, which implies a classic three-level referral system, for our active partners. You will be able to receive a percentage from each new deposit of your partner.

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